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Yellow Mechanical Zinc Plating of a Flat Washer for the Agriculture Industry

A customer in the agricultural industry needed a company like Dynaburr, with the experience and capabilities to treat a typically difficult to plate part. We were contracted to complete all of the required work highlighted here, consisting of the mechanical zinc plating and post plating treatment of a flat washer. Treatment was carried out at our state of the art ISO 9001 certified facility, utilizing high capacity barrel tanks. After loading the washers, glass impact beads, water, metal powder, and our mix of chemicals, were tumbled to impart the zinc onto the washers in accordance with ASTM B695 Class 5 Type II specifications. Our process held a minimum thickness 0.0002”. Following plating, the washers were subjected to a yellow chromate dip for increased longevity and corrosion resistance. Water polishing and spin drying were the final steps for treatment. Comprehensive in-process and post production testing for plating thickness and adhesion were conducted to ensure functionality and plating accuracy. A certificate of conformance was furnished as our guarantee that this product met regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

The versatile and environmentally friendly mechanical plating we offer guarantees freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, and its associated problems. The functional finish produced by this process is a staple for equipment manufacturers in the agricultural industry. As leading providers of high quality metal finishing services, we meet demanding requirements at cost effective rates. For more information about this flat washer yellow mechanical zinc plating, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights Of This Yellow Mechanical Zinc Project:

Plating Capabilities Applied/Processes

Plating – Mechanical Zinc
Post Plating – Yellow Chromate Dip

Water Polishing
Spin Drying

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Barrel Tanks


Minimum Plating Thickness: 0.0002”

Plating Material Used


Material Finish


In process testing/inspection performed

Plating Thickness, Visual Inspection, Adhesion Testing
Certificate of Conformance

Industry for Use


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Specifications
ASTM B695 Class 5 Type II

Product Name

Flat Washer