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Zinklad Coating Services

Dynaburr offers chemical passivation finishing to our customers in the automotive industry using the ZinKlad 250 M coating process. We can coat steel, stainless steel, spring steel, brass, and powered metal with thickness up to 5 mils. Our lined octagon barrel tanks have a capacity up to 20 ft3 and process parts up to 1’ in length. The ZinKlad process provides superior corrosion protection, passing salt spray tests of 120 hours for white rust and 240 hours for red rust, while eliminating the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Our coating process meets Ford WSS M21p17-B4 (S437m) and GM-3044 (8K240/120X) specifications.

Prior to coating, parts are thoroughly prepared using chemical cleaning and copper flash processes. Post-plate operations include water polishing, conversion coatings, trivalent coatings, and wax or oil application. ZinKlad can be used on hood latch springs, seat belt anchors, door strikers, and a variety of other safety critical parts. We offer electromagnetic, salt spray, and adhesion testing, and are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

For more information about our ZinKlad 250 M coating capability, please see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Zinklad Coating Capabilities:

ZinKlad 250M Coating Process
Zinc Plate
Trivalent Passivate
Hexavalent Chromium-Free
Stainless Steel
Spring Steel
Powdered Metal
Lined Octagon Barrel Tanks
Pre-Plate Operations
Chemical Cleaning
Copper Flash
Plating Thickness
Up to 5 mil
Part Length
Up to 1 ft
Part Weight
Up to 1 lb
2 to 20 ft³
Post-Plate Operations
Water Polish
Conversion Coatings
Trivalent Coatings
Ford WSS M21p17-B4 (S437m)
GM-3044 (8K240/120X)
Corrosion Performance
White Rust: 120 hours
Red Rust: 240 hours
Testing Ability
Electronic Magnetic
Salt Spray
Additional Services
Pick-up and Deliver y (Local)
Packaging and Sorting
Drop Shipments
Production Volume
Small to Large Runs
Typical Lead Times Available
3 to 5 days
Same Day Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Intended Applications
Hood Latch Springs
Seat Belt Anchor Bolts
Door Strikers
Safety and Critical Parts
Double Ended Collar Studs
Head Lamp Adjustment
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Chicago Metal Finishers Institute (CMFI)
National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Department of Transportation (DOT)
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