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Trivalent Mechanical Zinc Wax Plating of a Hex Washer Head Hilo for Fastener Used in Outdoor Power equipment

At Dynaburr we specialize in the mechanical plating of parts for various industries and applications. In the project highlighted here, we were commissioned by a customer in the outdoor equipment industry to perform a protective trivalent mechanical zinc plating and wax treatment for a ¼- hex washer head hilo. This hilo is incorporated into a fastener used in an outdoor power equipment application, and demanded a quality coating durable enough to withstand a wide range of conditions. Our mechanical zinc plating process was primarily employed, wherein lined barrel tanks were loaded with the necessary components including the 5/16-14 x ¾ screw sized parts, chemicals, water, glass impact beads and the zinc powder. The tanks were tumbled at the appropriate speeds, coating parts to a minimum plating thickness of 0.0005”.

A clear trivalent dip and yellow dye were administered to the plated units for further corrosion and scratch resistance, followed by a coating of 902 wax for added durability and lubrication of threaded parts. The hilos were treated, water polished and spin dried. All work was completed upholding our rigorous standards for quality and functionality, and we conducted thorough visual inspections and testing for adhesion and plating thickness. A certificate of conformance was issued as our guarantee of quality. For more information about this ¼-hex washer head hilo project, or any of our other quality finishing capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Trivalent Mechanical Zinc Plating:

Zinc Plating Capabilities Applied/Processes
Plating – Mechanical Zinc
Post Plating –Trivalent Dip, Wax Dip

Water Polishing
Spin Drying
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Barrel Tanks
Overall Part Dimensions
5/16 - 14 x ¾ Screw
Minimum Plating Thickness: 0.0005”
Plating Material Used
Trivalent Clear Yellow Dye, 902 Wax
Material Finish
In process testing/inspection performed
Plating Thickness, Visual Inspection, Adhesion Testing
Certificate of Conformance
Industry for Use
Outdoor Power Equipment
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
¼ - Hex Washer Head Hilo
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