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Zinklad 250M Plating of Trunnion used in Automotive Application Assembly

Dynaburr is a licensed applicator for the Zinklad 250M high performance plating program, offering the Ford S437M-compliant mechanical zinc plating process. We were contracted to utilize this process for a trunnion used in a Ford Motor Company assembly. This operation includes a plate, passivate, and top coat. All work was performed at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, utilizing lined barrels tanks and a proprietary blend of chemicals, glass impact beads, water, and zinc material. After tumbling to complete the cold weld, the parts were cleaned and water polished to consolidate the coating. A minimum plating thickness of .00032” and maximum thickness of .0005” were met during treatment. The trunnion was then treated with an ELV trivalent passivate coating for corrosion resistance. The process was completed with the application of a protective TNT15 wax sealant. Parts were spin dried and prepared for shipment.

The parts were treated for this project, and shipped to areas across the US. We are providers of the most advanced and innovative finishes available today, for the continued satisfaction of our customers in the automotive, construction, and industrial markets. For more information about this trunnion assembly project, or any of our other reliable and cost effective specialty metal finishing services, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights Of This Zinklad 250m Plating:

Zinc Plating Capabilities Applied/Processes

Plating – Mechanical Zinc

Elv Trivalent
Wax Sealant
Water Polishing
Spin Drying

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Barrel Tanks

Tightest Tolerances

Minimum Plating Thickness: .00032”
Maximum Plating Thickness: .0005”

Plating Material Used


Material Finish

Silver Color

In process testing/inspection performed

Plating Thickness, Visual Inspection, Adhesion Testing

Industry for Use

Automotive Assembly Ford Motor Company

Delivery/Turnaround Time

2 – 3 Days

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Specifications
Ford S437M

Product Name

Trunnion Assembly